AWARDS for "Waiting Out The Wanting"

WINNER - 2015 Hawai'i Songwriting Festival - 3rd Place
WINNER - 2015 Australian Song Contest - 2nd Place International Category
WINNER - 2015 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest - 2nd Place Country Category
WINNER - American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest - 4th Place
SEMI-FINALIST - 2015 UK Songwriting Contest - Country Category

Written by Nitanee Paris Lawson (ASCAP) & Dr. Jean-Pierre Williams (BMI)
©2015 Celadon Sky Publishing (ASCAP)

Verse 1
I sigh and hug my pillow
Watching shadows on the wall
And though I’ll never answer
I keep waiting for your call
I wonder if you feel it
And are you awake as well
Are you somewhere in the middle
Between a heaven and a hell

Pre Chorus
You’re all I ever think of
But I know it isn’t right
And sometimes goodbye
Can be a blessing in disguise

Waiting out the wanting
Tears and trying to forget
These memories are haunting
And my pillow’s getting wet
Living with the longing
'Cause I know it isn’t right
So I’m waiting out the wanting
In the middle of the night

Verse 2
I lie here on these cold sheets
With a fire in my soul
And my heart is torn in half
At the thought of being whole
Close my eyes and dream of you
I'm holding you again
I know I need to let you go
But I don’t know if I can

Repeat Chorus

Still if you came to me now
I know couldn’t turn away
Some mistakes are meant to happen
And some rules are made to break

Repeat Chorus