Nitanee Paris Music Receives Eight Nominations in the 2020 Peace Song Awards!!

We are so thrilled to announce that Nitanee Paris Music received eight nominations in the 2020 Global Peace Song Awards!! The Peace Song Awards is part of the initiative designed to create awareness about music’s power to inspire and create peace. Each year, it recognizes enlightened musicians, songs, spoken word poetry, sound-healing music, and music video producers that guide and inspire the way to inner and outer peace on earth. Congratulations to Paris' and her collaborators and producers! 

We Are Limitless (performed by Tolan Shaw, written by Tolan Shaw & Nitanee Paris; produced by Mark Dorflinger)
Can’t Rain Forever (performed by Jonathan Englander; written by Jonathan Englander & Nitanee Paris; co-produced by Mikal Blue, Mark Dorflinger, Englander, & Paris)
You Are Loved (performed Maria Tsvetkova, written by Mariia Tsvetkova & Nitanee Paris; produced by Mark Dorflinger)  
Love Is What We’re Here For (performed by Andre Merritt, written by Andre Merritt, Chase Kauhane, Carl Kauhane, & Nitanee Paris; produced by Mark Dorflinger)
Circle (performed by Faith Rivera, written by Faith Rivera, Sebastian Hughes, & Nitanee Paris; produced by Sebastian Hughes)
Love Will Find A Place To Be (written by Nancy Peacock, Bill DiLuigi, & Nitanee Paris; produced by Michael Estok)
Sleeping Giants (performed by Alexandria Paris, written by Alexandria Paris & Nitanee Paris; co-produced by Una Jensen & Alexandria Paris) New Beginnings (performed and written by Jack Paris Williams, co-produced by Jack Paris Williams & Nitanee Paris)


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